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AOL & Compuserve Users - Compressed Graphics

If you use AOL or Compuserve, you may be getting fuzzy images when you look at or save photographs on the internet. This is because these companies (and maybe others that I don't know of) use compressed graphics. When you visit my photographs, the AOL built-in browswer will change my jpeg photographs to .art images which are much more highly compressed (and therefore lose much of the color definition). The result is faster loading time for you, but fuzzy pictures. You can manually turn this feature off and then have clearer pictures. To do this in AOL 7.0, click on "settings," then choose "preferences" and then choose "internet properties (www)." Click on the "web graphics" option and then select "never compress files." All your graphics will then be clearer anywhere you go on the internet. I hope that other versions are similar and that you will be able to find this option for yourself.